Rumor on 3/31/2014 Became a Georgiana Vines Big Metal Shed Story on 5/10/2014! You are Welcome G.Vines!

This blog post on March 31, 2014 which was about 17 days BEFORE early voting began is today a real probability according to this Georgiana Vines authored story. If you ain’t the paying wall type. Basically Phil “the documents speak for themselves” Ballard who has been rumored to be represented by Attorney Don Bosch has left Craig Leuthold’s position open in the Assessors Office from back in Summer of 2013, when the ” black Wednesday pals” cut a deal because the 2010 Elected Trustee said sorry Craig, you ain’t needed.

Of course it is. I said it, everyone believes me!

Of course it is. I said it, everyone believes me!

You ask what and how is Ballard and Leuthold the “Black Wednesday pals”? Glad you asked. On January 31, 2007, Leuthold cut a deal to put his daddy on the county payroll as the other district 5 commissioner. In addition, his boss the appointed Trustee (who did not seek election in 2010) got a promotion and 40% pay raise. While Ballard put his bestie pal aka the former fire truck driver in the commission district of himself and his bestie. For those of you in Korryton bestie, means favoritest friend.

Vines reports that Leuthold says he is qualified for the Property Assessor. Isn’t that what he said about Trustee? The voters had a different idea about the qualities in the next Trustee.

Two Black Wednesday Commissioners protecting and keeping each other on the county tit. Now, how about what the Knox County Republican Chair said in the G. Vines story?

“I’d like to think we’re past that. I think (Ed and Craig) both ran great races. Ed has run a countywide before and might have a little better idea of how to do it. It could have gone either way, ” she said.

Was the Chair asleep when Waggoner and Hammett kept talking and promoting Black Wednesday on Sheriff Jones like it was yesterday?

Ballard with his chief deputy Jim Weaver.

Ballard with his chief deputy Jim Weaver.

In addition, when Ballard is involved, there’s lot of smoke of crony hiring, like how the Republican Chairs own daughter is an employee of the Assessors Office who has time cards listed as having worked in the office and has not even scanned into the building in those days. How a time card was clearly forged by the Supervisor. Of course I have possession of said documents for when those guys that are employed by the 3 letter law enforcement agencies whenever they want to see it. You can access previous blog posts here on April 2, 2014 cause Ballard only wished his issues were an April Fools joke. Here on April 16, 2014 when Ballard said the ghost employee time sheets “speak for themselves”. Ballard has such a way with words. Then here when Ballard clearly took the financial obligation of the Trustees Office in comp time and used our tax dollars to award his bestie pal Leuthold with a financial wind fall.

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Well…. Well… Well!!! I do believe the voters have spoken! We do not want Leuthold for any elected position with the county. Sure the position is still open as Craig is another Joy Mccroskey and can’t let go of the county tit. He will pack up his crap and go right down to the assessors office and cruise for the next two years. Doing nothing and draw a big salary… Gee this sounds all too familiar. I foresee The Butter and Egg man trying a term for mayor in four years pending getting one of his moron followed elected in a few years. That plan isn’t going to work, take this warning now…. It’s high time Hunley just stuck to the school board and get out of Knox County politics. I have no use for a thief and his croney Rodney Lane. A former trustee got in a mess of trouble for this same old crap, and Ballard your not above the law. It’s time to just chap your ass now just like so many of the remaining Black Wednesday rejects. Time card forgery, it is a crime and old Elmer is going to hold a blow torch under your ass until you are carted right out the door. Craig is going to shit a brick when he is subpoenaed to Mike Lowes trial, he knows a lot more than he denied on television a few weeks ago. The truth will be in the trial and boy howdy will he walk out of there with his tail between his legs.

    Craig your not qualified for anything but illegal activities as your right smack dab in the middle of the scuffle. Those blue signs didn’t work, and you had a hard time raising money, I wonder why???? Ballard will start his usual threats to the elite business owners that if you don’t support my bitch, I will increase your taxes. It’s exactly how he works, not to mention his expenditures of the office. Dumb ass Joy spent money on a refrigerator and a few chairs. This moron spent thousands on cameras and surveillance. For an office that collects copy money what the hell are you afraid the real world will find out? Hanky panky? Or is it that you don’t trust the people you have working for you? The entire staff was out campaigning for Craig while the office ran on an answering machine.

    Hello you have reached the Knox county property assessors office, no one is available to answer your call, we’re all out campaigning for an idiot as our boss needs a job in two years. Please leave a message and someone will return your call tomorrow. beeeeep!!!

    Good grief this man thinks he is untouchable! Let’s see just how this one shakes out on 9/1/14 dust off the desk, old Craig’s coming right back home to suck on the county tit.

    Ya damn thief!!!