Who is the “StarStruck” Reporter?

Should a self titled reporter (please note I have always said I am a blogger, citizen exercising my hobby of informing the masses) that continually bashes a “real” tv reporter with being “star struck” be editing the Wikipedia page for a subject that he is supposed to be objective about?

Would Chuck Todd be editing President Obama’s Wikipedia page? Would Helen Thomas have edited president Reagan’s (if Wikipedia had existed then) Would Tom Humphrey have edited Lt. Gov Ron Ramsey’s page?

I believe the star struck has been identified.


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3 Responses

  1. Knoxcountyreject says:

    Well well TB has his little bitch correcting his wiki page hmmm I wonder if DA is running the mayors credit like he ran that poor young mans. DA is a pawn they will rat him out as soon as he’s not needed anymore!

  2. Deathstar1 says:

    Oh he will immediately jump up and say I am going to go do a background check like he does everytime he is in my building and gets pissy about something.

    I am sick of him always getting the Mayor’s Office to validate his parking. He is just another individual that feels entitled to special privileges.

  3. BHornback says:

    Well, I don’t know about any of that. I do know that he turns on every one that has helped him. His first photo was with me and Senator Thune, Martha Woodward of the Knoxville Journal called him to use his photo and his career set off. A couple of years ago he told Hubert Smith and I at the Hubert Smith Radio Show that he was told by Steve Hunley to not take any pictures with me in it. I said that ok, I have an iPhone and Hubert got his picture with an assistant of his to take it, so Hubert got the picture he wanted.

    Ever since then he has continued to attack and criticize me at every chance, repeating rumors and papers from 25 years ago. he turns on
    every body that has been a friend to him. I chose about a year ago to block all his social media and to ignore him. I realize that no body reads his blog or even the paper that he likes to associate with.

    I was checking on the County Mayor’s Wikipedia last week and checked the revisionist history and bam there was all this cleaned up stuff from the mayors failed marriage! his financial irregularities etc