Whose Gonna Fill Her Shoes?

Indya Kincannon and family are off to Slovenia for a year. After the August 6, 2014 she will vacate her school board seat. Knox County Commission could appoint someone to fill the remainder of the term or could place it on the November 2014 election ballot or could do both, appoint until the November election.

One name has emerged and one name has been speculated. One name is Commercial Bank Vice President John Fugate. Fugate who maintains his office at the Fountain City branch, is a businessman, father and grandfather.

The other name is Commissioner Amy Broyles, there was speculation earlier this year that Broyles who is term limited on Commission would run for School Board in 2016 when Kincannon’s Board term and Broyles Commission term ends.

Speculation is that School Board appeals to Broyles for several reasons. 1) her children are still school age. 2) there is no term limit for school board members. 3) the pay and benefits for school board are some what similar to Broyles. Unfortunately, for a school board member to have the medical insurance they must pay the premium out of pocket. Family coverage is equivalent to the monthly salary of the board member. That is the difference in school board and commission.

Surely, there will be other names and prospects that will be discussed in the public dialogue.

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