News Sentinel Letter to the Editor on Behalf of Congressman Duncan

In today’s News Sentinel (Big Metal Shed on the Hill) is an excellent letter to the Editor about Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. from his son Zane. I have seen what Zane describes for over 2.5 decades. However, Zane tells it better than anyone.

Throughout my life I have met many different types of people traveling around with my dad, U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. This has allowed me to see the good and bad in people. I will say that I have never met a man who cares more for the people he works for and tries to do the best job possible than my dad. I have had an inside look at the hard work and the turmoil that he goes through while trying to make decisions that will impact his constituents and this country. I can tell you he approaches each vote with care and consideration for the 2nd District. His respect for his constituents’ opinions is second to none. I recall trips to Walmart growing up when people would stop him to voice their opinion, and he stopped to listen to them and take notes or give them the appropriate staff contact to assist them. I remember he would always say that those were his bosses and he needed to listen to what they had to say. I understand that not everybody reading this agrees with him all of the time, and as a child I would get upset when people did not agree with my dad. He would tell me that not even husbands and wives agree 100 percent of the time and that’s why he had to keep working hard to earn their vote. I know that most people have their minds made up about this upcoming election, but I would end with this: If you vote for my dad, you will be casting a vote for a man with the integrity to stand up for what he believes is right for the people he so respectfully works for in the 2nd District.

Zane Duncan, Knoxville

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