The Personal and Public Voting Record of Congressman Duncan’s Opponent

I was disappointed to hear Congressman Duncan’s opponent say in a radio interview yesterday that he would have to check his voting record. You see during a personal meeting with the Congressman’s opponent 8 days before on Tuesday July 8, 2014 I provided him a copy of his voting record. He folded it in half and took it with him.

Here is the official Knox County Election Commission record of Congressman Duncan’s opponent pulled on June 29, 2014 by photograph.


In addition, I have listed every missed election of Congressman Duncan’s opponent by year. In addition on the list is EVERY missed Second Congressional District Primary Election (held every two years, first Thursday of August, not complicated at all) He has only voted ONE time in the Second District Congressional Primary, in 2010. He missed the one in August 2012 when Republicans Nick Ciparro and Joe Leinweber challenged Congressman Duncan.


As you can see from a screen shot of Congressman Duncan’s opponents Facebook, he has lied about his voting record. He says he voted in his first primary in 2008 and has voted in 3 straight primaries. Since voting in a primary in 2008, he missed the May 2010 County Primary and he missed the August 2012 August State and Federal Primary which in the Republican primary included three choices for Second District Congress, Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr., Nick Ciparro and Joe Leinweber. On a radio interview yesterday Friday July 18, 2012, Duncan’s opponent said he missed the August 2012 primary because he was busy with a pastor search committee that he served on. As Congressman, what other task will cause him to be so busy, he can’t vote your or my vote in Congress.


Clearly, the Congressman’s opponent is beginning to act and sound like the liberal regime of Obama, Reid and Pelosi, say whatever he has to say to get the public to believe it without using Ronald Reagan’s “trust but verify”. Because when you verify (as I have done here) his dishonesty is real.

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