Kidd’s Campaign Event Was His Highest Priority

Today’s Inside Tennessee began with the two candidates for District Attorney General from Claiborne, Union, Campbell and Fentress Counties.

After about 15 minutes, the candidates for Knox County Circuit Court Division IV were supposed to appear. Republican Greg McMillan was there but Democrat Daniel Kidd was a no show. After about 7 minutes, as John Becker is throwing to commercial. He says I believe your opponent just arrived. When the returned it was about 5 minutes of Kidd with McMillan respectfully being silent. Kidd said the reason for his tardiness was because he had a campaign event. Really? So raising campaign dollars is more important than allowing the public to see you and your opponent together. If you can’t make it to a debate on time, would you make it to court on time? Oh never mind, we will never know. Because you will not get elected on Thursday August 7, 2014. Why give Kidd any hope of winning?

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4 Responses

  1. Ray Jenkins says:

    I like Dan – nice guy and all that – but after missing the start – he should have stayed away. Greg made his case and Dan’s late appearance made a bad impression. He paled in comparison to Greg – made worse by the bad scheduling – especially when they are both hitting the sitting judge for not working hard enough.

  2. June Jones says:

    All due respect, Daniel Kidd has ran a excellent grassroots campaign with no time to raise money. He is all about meeting people and being in the community. Dan Kidd was at Danny Mayfield Park where there was a event to rally the community to go vote and the importance of registering to vote. Dan contributed the charcoal, bottled water as different organizations cooked up hot dogs and played music for the community. No fund raising, just getting to interact with the discouraged and not registered. Dan Kidd doesn’t have the big money but he has grit and compassion beyond only what is all about the campaign. He is clearly the right choice for 4th Circuit Court that would serve all of Knox County.

  3. BHornback says:

    Ms. Jones,

    Thanks for the input, the only info Kidd gave on camera was “a campaign event”. Granted I made an assumption, it was a fundraiser. It is odd that he would spend critical time with unregistered voters as the voter registration deadline passed several weeks ago. As a county wide candidate facing an election a week away (WBIR records on Thursday evenings) it would seem seeking to spend time with voters would be more critical to a successful campaign. Unless, he has already conceded this election and is working toward a future endeavor.

  4. june jones says:

    You are welcome, and as I said he was in the community, at a event where some were registered voters. Dan is out with the community, at events,polling locations, ballparks,churches, neighborhoods, basically everywhere. I dare say he is probably one of the hardest working candidates on the ground and I am sure it will show on election day. He would love to speak with you and then you will agree he has the best plan for the Fourth Circuit Court!