Today is the DAY, If you haven’t Voted, Vote and Thanks to my Advertisers

I voted on Saturday, the last day of Early Voting. If you haven’t voted yet, please vote today. I want to thank ALL the BrianHornback.Com advertisers in this Federal and State Primary, Knox County General Election cycle. I wish the candidates that advertised here good luck, I thank you for trusting your limited campaign dollars to BrianHornback.Com Just like the candidates that advertised from January until May 6, 2014, more winning candidates will have advertised here than anywhere else.

United State Congress, Tennessee’s Second District

Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr.

United State Senate

Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican
Terry Adams, Democrat

State House

District 13

Jason Emert, Republican
Eddie Smith, Republican

District 18

State Representative Steve Hall

State Senate District 7

Senator Stacey Campfield

Republican State Executive Committeeman Senate District 5

Leon Shields

Knox County General Sessions Judge Division III

Judge Patricia Hall Long

Knox County Fourth Circuit Court Judge

Greg McMillan

Knox County Circuit Court Judge Division II

Judge Harold Wimberly
Bill Ailor

Knox County Chancellor Part II

Chancellor Daryl Fansler
Clarence “Eddie” Pridemore

Knox County Criminal Court Judge Division III

Scott Green
Leland Price

Knox County Trustee

Ed Shouse
Jim Berrier

Knox County Clerk

Mike Padgett

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