Don’t let Betty Bean, News Sentinel or Anyone Else Blame the Party

Betty Bean apparently found some information on Eddie Pridemore, only 5 days after Pridemore was elected as the next Chancellor of Knox County. She posted this on KnoxViews. She says the Republican leaders are afraid Pridemore will embarrass them. Well, if she and her crew of Sandra Clark, Steve Hunley, Jack McElroy try to point the finger at the Knox County GOP that’s fine, but 4 mores coming back at them.

Ya all know I ain’t no fan of the current regime of Knox County Republican Party. Primarily a little piece of IMHO frivolous piece of pending litigation titled Kuhlman-v-Hornback, but as I posted this on Saturday. The lazy media don’t get out of their cubicles or their 65 year old couches to actually do their job.

Here’s beating without anything to wager, that Bean was spoon fed this information last night or this morning.

BTW, according to people who apparently know, not me, filing a bankruptcy is NOT a matter to be disqualified to be a Judge.

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