Why is the County Mayor Just an Angry White Guy, With an Axe to Grind?

Lots of ‘brewhaha’ over the County Mayor saying yes, the Superintendent needs to be fired to a question by Criminal Defense Lawyer Don Bosch on WBIR’s Inside Tennessee that will air on Sunday. Several thoughts.

1) All the years that Burchett was in the State House and State Senate, how many times did he author, sponsor, co sponsor or vote for an elected Superintendent bill?

2) What does it mean that Burchett’s Chief of Staff has told Commissioners that Burchett is better when he has an cause or person to oppose?

3) When he married for the second time in July and presumably his wife and step daughter moved from Morristown, TN to Knoxville to be his ready made family. Why did they enroll her in private school instead of a Knox County School?

4) Since he is a UT graduate with an education degree, why has he never used it for a profession? He had a mulch pile and then a career in the legislature. When he speaks of his family being public educators, wasn’t his father a Dean of Campus life at UT and his mother a teacher at Knoxville College?

5) When he was first for the internet tax and then against it, when he was first against the James White Parkway and then for it. Why did the media not go back and research what he actually said without just taking his word for it? Will he say he didn’t mean what he said he meant on Monday? Or when he first said he didn’t know about the Dupes, Frank and Wuethrich severance packages and then 60 days later he did and 90 days later paid them.

6) How about when he was criticized by a Knox County Health Department employee on Facebook because she was told her job would be eliminated in 6 months. After posting criticism of the Mayor, the next day she posts how great it was he saved her job. So to get your way, all employees have to do is criticize him and he will find you a job. Not Conservative at all.

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