New Advertiser, Forks on the Road

Today, we welcome a new advertiser, Forks on the Road. Forks on the Road is the second “Officially” permitted food truck in Knoxville. They have sliders and fries and on some occasions other fare as well. Recently, one evening they had chicken wings. I have eaten from the truck several times. The first time, I blogged this story about it. Another time, I met a colleague downtown and then we walked to another advertiser Hampton Inn Downtown Knoxville and ate our lunch, that particular slider is the one they say is “warm”. I like spicy food, however, that day it set me on fire. But it was still wonderful. My son and I ate off the truck at the Karns Community Fair back in July. It was great again. So the three times I can remember eating off the truck, it was a meal that was memorable and not a meal regretted. It isn’t just another slider and fries. It is GREAT value for the money paid.

I am pleased to have them as an advertiser, I will be promoting their presence every chance I get. They are currently regulars at the Bearden Beer Market on Monday’s and Wednesday’s evenings. The Bearden Beer Market is located at 4524 Old Kingston Pike, where Kingston Pike and Old Kingston Pike come together. Forks on the Road is available for catering and special events. Visit their website here send John an email or call him to get details or to book the truck for your next event.

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