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Like E.F. Hutton, When Larry Clark Speaks It Warrants Listening

Former Commissioner Larry Clark is a good guy. A gentleman that has my respect over the years as I watched him first manage political campaigns and then reluctantly became a County Commissioner serving South Knoxville. As Larry served on County Commission, he unwaveringly supported his constituents. A couple a weeks ago Clark picked up a […]

Georgiana, Georgiana When Will You……

Last Saturday, I posted this opinion that Georgiana Vines column about Jim McClain was a ploy to limit candidates from opposing incumbent Pam Trainor. Apparently, he only stirred up two legitimate candidates in Halls Elementary School Librarian and South Knox Resident Amber Rountree and Former South Knox County Commissioner Larry Clark. Apparently, Mike ‘da career […]

South Knox School Board Race Just Got Legit

Saturday I opined about a Pam Trainor and Jim McClain race for School Board over in South Knoxville. Well, today that race got legit. Retired Teacher and Former South Knox County Teacher Larry Clark picked up a petition. The thing that makes Clark legit is that he knows public education, he has no axe to […]