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metal shed on the hill

Knox News Sentinel, Georgiana Can and Should Do Better

Today, one month and three days after BrianHornback.Com reported this story, Georgiana Vines reports it in the News Sentinel. Come on Semtinel, Vines can and should do better. It isn’t news this late.

Sheriff Jones Rebuts Knox News Sentinel

On the Knox County Sheriffs Office website, Sheriff Jones issued the following statement in response to an editorial position, presumably authored by Scott Barker, Jack McElroy or a joint writing assignment. Editorial Rebuttal Tuesday,...


What Was the Subtle Message (if any) to the 911 Board Members?

When members of the 911 Board arrived in the meeting room, copies of Friday’s Knoxville News Sentinel were on the table. It did not appear that any board member accepted the free gift as...


KNS News Stories and Ad Placement

Back on February 9, 2015 I published this story about complaints about my advertisers and how the NS authored and published an opinion about the E-911 controversy. While having a nearly full page ad....


Is Burchett Demonstrating his Disdain of Sheriff’s Department Employees?

Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones has now entered the fray of this E-911 radio procurement situation. Here is the letter that he has sent to the legal counsel. Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Knox County...


Burchett is Itching to Spend $8.2 Million of Our Money to a Vendor That Other Communities Have NOT Had Successful History

Knoxville News Sentinel is reporting that Mayor Burchett is requesting a February 18, 2015 meeting of the E-911 board to try and force a discussion and vote to spend $8.2 million of our county...