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Jason Zachary’s Opponent Wants to Double Dip the Taxpayers, If Elected

My call into The Rude Awakening on FM 94.7 discussing the Georgiana Vines column in today’s Knoxville News Sentinel about Jason Zachary’s opponent saying if she is successful on Wednesday, she will double dip...


Hugh Nystrom, Fourth District County Commission Race is OFF to a Fast Start

Hugh Nystrom, a candidate for Fourth District County Commissioner appointed a Treasurer on April 20, 2015. Any candidate and all candidates are NOT permitted to ask for, receive any contributions or spend any money...


Foster Arnett Files a Suit on Mold, What About a Suit Where His Actions Have Knox County in Trouble?

BrianHornback.Com contacted the Knox County Law Director‘s Office back on April 23, 2015 (received by the law directors office on April 24,2015) with an Open Records Request concerning an anonymous tip we received that...