Do NOT Be Fooled By an Elmer Henderlight Facebook Page

I received a friend request this morning on Facebook for a page saying it was Elmer Henderlight. Several individuals contacted me asking if this is “The Elmer Henderlight”. I contacted Elmer’s people and they assured me that all Elmer can do on the computer is comment on my website, primarily because the love of his life introduced him to it sometime ago. In fact, his initial post from a few days ago came the exact same way.

Elmer has asked me to inform all you all, Ohe is NEVER going to be on Facebook. Two if he were he wouldn’t use a damn donkey as his profile picture. Three he sure wouldn’t make his second post some stupid bullsh** about pushing Congressman Duncan out of office so that Timmy could find another government check.


As for me, I think Timmy ought to find a real job for a while. After all twice in his political career he has had to appear before an ethics committee in Nashville to explain how campaign funds were comingled in his personal funds. Of course he had someone else to blame. Just stating information reported in the news.

Facebook has been notified. Don’t be fooled.

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2 Responses

  1. L2 says:

    Interesting how this is so similar to CasWalkerdotCom how did that turn out? An over zealous county employee trying to advance the political aspirations of their boss and all hell broke loose. I looked at the friends on this page and the attorney that represented that person in a previous county administration is a friend. So, the parrels may be coincidental, then again maybe they have found another over zealous county bearuecrat to do the work.

    What I appreciate about you Brian is your name is on this, unlike how they used Cas Walkers name and now Elmer Hemderlights name. Cowards are what they are.

  2. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Doe’s anyone know what simply burns my ass other than a flame about three feet high…. Some sly shameless dumbass that has to use my good name with a fictional character none other than a jackass. Let me enlighten the spineless coward about how I feel about Facebook, it’s none other than a redneck gossip society for folks to air out their drama and bash their “friends” and put those horrible pictures of those yard apes that need their ass busted for three days. I can tell you how I feel without a single request for friendship. If you want the truth then read the column, if not then click on that X on the top right of the page, in a click of a button Elmer is gone.

    As for what I have read this morning about my good friend Jimmy Duncan and I will include his precious wife Lynn, thats just plain horse shit! Anyone that would believe it would no sooner take a dump and fall back in it. Jimmy is okay in my book, and if I thought one minute he was up to no good I would just march my wrinkled ass down to his office and air out our differences. What you ass clowns do not realize he is OUR congressman, and as long as he is there he is held to a higher standard. A picnic over at the civic center didn’t get him elected, the good people whom believed in him did, so the good overpowered evil, it wins every time. So as I sit here and eat a moon pie, mad as a dog shitting tacks, I hope you scoundrels realize, the truth begins where the tall tales end.

    Now on to the next one… Tim Burchett. Now as a rule I have went along with what I have seen coming out of your office, but I am raising a wrinkled brow from this point, as I see some things I am not pleased about. The situation I see now is the tale is wagging the dog. Either you fix the situation or your political career will end with this last term. Briggs won senate, Jimmy won congress, the deal has been cut for Wright to take Brooks seat, Ballard has sent little Craig to school to learn how to be an ASSessor, and Haslam will back the next governors race and I just don’t think you have enough support to pull the entire state. Where are you going to go now? You see I may be old, but I am certainly not blind. If I need to know something I just pick up the phone and ask, I don’t cut a deal, its not necessary.

    Last but certainly not least, JJ Jones, what in the Billy Hell are you doing? Creating a position when Harmon hasn’t a damn clue at what he is doing and he needs an assistant. Hells bells this just screams all kinds of wrong, and you and I both know whats up. So without saying anything else about the situation short of saying have you lost your rabbit ass mind, wakeup and pay attention.

    Now that I have fired up my blowtorch, I am reminded of my good friend Cas Walker’s famous saying about that damn jar of salve, “it will cure anything but the shingles”, maybe if we had a jar or two of it today we could smear a jar on some of these elected officials, it appears they have a sever case of the dumb ass. You can choose to be ignorant, but not happy about it.