Knox County Prepares to Release the Ambulance Contract

Those of us at the Farragut / Oak Ridge football game in Beautiful Downtown Farragut on Friday night were reminded that the ambulance contract for Knox County IS about to be put out to bid. Rural Metro the current holder of the contract and prime example of a sucky provider along with AMR and a third company Lifeguard have indicated that they plan to bid.

How do we know the time is drawing near? Because Rural Metro had an ambulance at the game. Because you see on October 9, 2010 Farragut student athlete Robby Leonard suffered an injury. The medical trainers immediately started an IV on the field, No ambulance. A spectator was on call with the Knox County Rescue Squad and had one of their trucks with a body board, they had to load Leonard on a golf cart and go over and wait an incredibly long time for transportation to the hospital.

Search this blog for October 9, 2010 and you can read and see the whole story. The headline of that story almost two years is the same as today Rural/Metro SUCKS!

Two pics from Friday night

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