Ole’ Betty Bean Returned To Class and Corrected Her Work

It appears ole Betty Bean was allowed to stay after class and correct her error plagued work. The great thing about taking screen shots, the previous story has her other work which stated 30 minutes and this screen shot shows that 3.5 hours in the new world without the previously dreaded SAT-10 is defined as “almost no time”. BrianHornback.Com always here to help.

Voicemails, affadavits and now screenshots is my world a year after the filing of Kuhlman-vs-Hornback. Voicemail and affadavits are great responses to filing of any lawsuits. Then sreenshots help in documenting what I say before folks stay after class and correct their work. I know this, because I stay after class and correct work often myself. It’s all in helping everybody improve, even the seasoned ones.

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1 Response

  1. CarterHigh says:

    Good catch, she will go over on knoxviews and make comments about court filings and that no are not without skeletons. Oh wait those have been circled through for the last 15 or so years, you’ve always explained them and never tried to hide yourself. It’s funny to see your critics implode over your continued success