The Slopper Gals Really Need to Contact Me Before Publishing Their Errors and Omissions

The gals over at E.W. Scripps owned Shopper News really ought to have me look over their work before they publish it. This week I had to correct Betty Bean and she went back in and corrected it. Check here for the first and then here for her corrected post.

Today, Sandra Clark has endorsed John Schoonmaker for the appointment of County Commission Fifth District. This endorsement before the 5 p.m. December 15, 2014 deadline for resumes to be submitted. Of course, is Clark’s endorsement simply coincidental of the fact that Schoonmaker is the neighborhood president of Clark’s bosses residence community?

The omission of fact that Clark missed is she states that Schoonmaker finished second out of five in the 2008 Republican primary. Clark was accurate with that fact. Clark’s omission is that Schoonmaker also finished second to Mike Hammond in 2004 Republican Primary. Come on gals, if you lack the historical data find someone that will help you. You all are awful heavy for me to keep carrying the burden of helping you two out.

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