How Quickly the Shopper Boy Forgot

So, Larry Van Guilder, the Shopper boy has authored a piece about Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr and the Duncan family having served for more than 50 years. Yes, that sounds like a long time, but what Guilder left out is that with the United States Congress being elected every two years. That means that the Second Congressional District has elected either Congressman Duncan (Jimmy’s dad) or My Friend, Our Congressman Jimmy Duncan 25 different occasions.

This year, Duncan’s opponent ran an “I ain’t a Duncan and I am young” campaign and well he got smashed into little pieces.

But, where Shopper boy is so easily forgetful, is the slam that he put on the Congressman’s son, Former Trustee John Duncan. Shopper boy wrote the the younger Duncan “sold his birthright for a few thousand dollars in unearned “bonuses.”” Interesting, Guilder was kinda in a bad spot not too many years ago, he needed a position that provided benefits that the Shopper and it’s owner E.W. Scripps couldn’t, so the younger Duncan hired Guilder. Maybe Guilder is upset that he wasn’t involved in going to the CTAS class.

By the way, the story of the unearned bonuses wouldn’t have happened had the legal counsel for the Trustee’s office not signed of on it and he too received diversion upon his guilty plea and resignation. Overheard at a recent gathering was the question, with the former legal counsel having been a “pundit” on Tennessee This Week just before Gene Patterson’s contract wasn’t renewed, is there anyone that the former legal counsel hasn’t messed up? I believe that is a stretch, that he being a pundit cost Patterson his job and quickly opined my view.

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