Law Director Armstrong Vindicates Lynn Fugate

Tonight during the Knox County School Board Workshop as Law Director Bud Armstrong was defending a procedural question about how Chair McMillan had conducted a November 14 Special Called Meeting he vindicated Former Chair Lynn Fugate. During a meeting several months ago, then Board Member Mike McMillan asked about delaying for 30 days an item. Fugate conferred with the Superintendent and then declared it an emergency item. That action brought criticism from the anti McIntyre forces and Armstrong immediately replaced his Deputy Law Director Sanders with himself.

Tonight, Armstrong said running a meeting is fast paced and can get complicated. An almost 360 from his correction of Fugate. When Fugate got a moment tonight, she said she agreed with the law director and you could tell from watching the tv. It was an ugh oh moment.

I hope the thought that the work is harder for McMillan than Fugate isn’t because of the difference in their gender, their educational and/or business background.

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