KnoxNews, Where Is Your Transparency?

There will be several blog post concerning this issue of the E-911 Board and the radio system procurement. I am going to take this in several individual posts. Realizing that Scott Barker, Jack McElroy and their gal pal Cynthia Moxley do best with sound bite snippets.

First, the Knox News is writing about transparency or what they intimate is a lack of transparency on the E-911 Board. Their news stories have quotes from their gal pal, Cynthia Moxley. When you go here (in case Moxley changes their website, the picture is above this story) to Moxley’s website, it shows that the Knox News Sentinel is her client. Why when they are quoting her in a news story do they not disclose that they (News Sentinel)  have hired her for the same acts that she was/is doing for a RFP Proposer? Come on Jack, Scott where is this transparency that you speak of? 

Stay Tuned, I have more to come.

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