Hindsight is 20/20 for Both Mayors?

20/20 vision is considered perfect vision by most all authorities. So, it is interesting that in this E-911 Board incident that Mayor Madeline Rogero almost immediately said she wanted to look into the action or in this cause inaction by the E-911 board. Not to be outdone and in his usual capacity of following the leader, now County Mayor Tim Burchett wants to look into the action or in this incident inaction.

As I posted here a few days ago after the “news” broke, why wasn’t the County Mayor at the meeting? Why did he send a low level staffer to make the motion for an undertaking that his staff took 18 months to complete? What ribbon cutting or school lunch was more important? If this action by the E-911 board was not important enough for the two Mayors to attend but instead send two low level staffers. Why is it important now? Is it because Scott Barker, Jack McElroy and the gal pal Cynthia Moxley in hindsight thinks it’s now important? If Moxley’s client was successful in getting a second to the motion and the Moxley client got the contract, would any light be shined to let the people find their way?

Stay Tuned….More to Come.

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