KnoxNews and Moxley Making Others Pay?

Today, the News Sentinel has another story discussing the E-911 radio system that failed to receive a second motion for their gal pal Cynthia Moxley‘s client. Interesting that Mayor Madeline  Rogero has been a no show at all E-911 board meetings since 2012. Which the News Sentinel fail to disclose that Rogero was elected Mayor in November 2012 and took the oath of office in December 2012. So, the real question is, has Mayor Rogero EVER attended a E-911 board meeting since being Mayor?

Second, they appear to be going after two of Mayor Tim Burchett‘s citizen appointees. First, County Commission Chairman Brad Anders and Crowne Plaza Hotel General Manager Ken Knight. They infer a conflict because the Knox County Republican Party uses the Crowne Plaza for it’s election night watch parties. I served as Knox County GOP Chairman from 20005-2007, the Crowne Plaza is chosen because it is the most recognized hotel in Downtown, it’s accessibility to parking and the fact that Knight has been an active businessman citizen. Rothchild Catering and Conference Center has always been the caterer for the Knox County Republican Party annual Lincoln Day Dinner and the West Knox Republican Clubs July picnic and Christmas party.  Rothchild Catering and Conference Center is owned by former E-911 Board Chairman Nathan Rothchild.

Mayor Burchett opted NOT to reappoint Rothchild to the E-911 Board for some reason. Why Moxley and her client the Knox News Sentinel are turning on Mayor Burchett and his appointees is perplexing. While readers will recognize that Mayor Burchett and I disagree on several issues and positions. Citizen business men Ken Knight and Nathan Rothchild are MY friends. Rothchild and his wife Susan are entrepreneurs that should be profiled as a success story. Their catering and conference center business began as a snack bar. Come on News Sentinel, we know your PR firm has had their feelings hurt but quit taking good people down a muddy path with you and your gal pal.

The News Sentinel team will NOT disclose that the E-911 proposing company Harris and the News Sentinel share a business partner in their gal pal Cynthia Moxley. I disclose that Nathan and Susan Rothchild, Ken and Tammy Knight and Commission Chairman Brad Anders are friends of mine. They may now kick me off their friends list. Come on News Sentinel join me in shining some light so the people can see us for our real self aka transparency.

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