TN Registry of Election Finance Receives Complaint on $1.2 Million in Vote YES on 2 Funds

Today, John Avery Emison of Alamo, TN  filed a formal complaint with the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance against Gov. Haslam’s Vote Yes on 2 LLC committee for failing to disclose the source of $1,225,000 in “dark money” used in the Nov. 4, 2014 constitutional referendum campaign.
Emison said in an email statement, “The governor and the judges of the Tennessee Supreme Court worked hard to pass Amendment 2, which they all assured us was in the interest of good government. It is appalling and hypocritical for them to use money obtained from a secret source to do this. Good government can never result from conflicts of interest and deceptive practices that are intended to hide the truth.” Emison went on to “call on Gov. Haslam to come clean with the public and tell us the actual source of these funds. If it turns out that Gov. Haslam and his family donated this money, why didn’t he tell us then and why won’t he tell us now?”

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