Insure Tennessee

Dear Precinct Chairs,

As some might be aware, my name was on a list supporting this legislation.  However, at the time I had not read fully the details of what this meant.  Basically, this is a version of Obama Care.  I would like to contact our Legislatures in Nashville to tell them (with your support) that their constituents at home are not in favor of this.  Please respond so that I may contact them for us all.

Many thanks,

Ruthie Kuhlman
Chair, Knox County GOP


On February 4, 2015 about 4:00 p.m. Knoxville time it was announced that Insure TN had failed in Committee. Senator Richard Briggs was one of the recipients of the email. As we now know, he is a member of the  Committee and was one of the 4 votes for Insure TN. So, unless the Chair reveals what the returned votes of the precinct chairs were among the recipients of the email, we will never know if the precinct chairs were for it before they were against it before Briggs voted for it.