Apparently Burchett & Rogero Believe This Is Candyland!

Back when the previous County Mayor was under attack by County Commission. Commissioner Greg Lambert remarked to Mayor Ragsdale, this isn’t Candyland, you can’t have a do over.

Under Roberts Rules of Order, a motion was made, no second was offered. The motion died for lack of a second. One way the item could be brought back is if someone on the prevailing side makes a motion to reconsider. No one was on the prevailing side. So, Burchett and Rogero must believe they are playing Candyland. Because they want a do over.

On a serious note, I offer this thought, A rigid procurement process is undoubtedly  important in local government purchasing. However the procurement of handguns, bullet proof vests, and emergency radio systems are not the same as the procurement of copier paper, library books or computers for senior centers. On a few occasions procurements involve items that protect the user in life or death situations. In these rare procurements the users must be given the strongest voice in the procurement process from start to finish…..and always have the final say.

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