Editorial and Advertising, Bean Revealed in 2014

Back last year a certain “stringer” for the E.W. Scripps owned Shopper News went to the local liberal playground and inferred that certain stories on my website were the results of advertisers on my website. As I opined back on March 1, 2014  here and here on October 19, 2014. I reiterate today. Her comments were more of an indictment of her and hers.

You see yesterday, her pals over at the Shopper News Daddy paper, Knox News Sentinel had an Editorial about how right the County Mayor and City Mayor are in regards to the E-911 radio purchase. While over on the back side of the local news section is a 2/3 page ad from the company that no one seconded the motion for. So, as I said then, Bean was making an ASSumption about my operation the way her own motives speak to her and hers.

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