What to do When Two Entities You Don’t Particularly Like, Fight? Arnett -vs- PBA

So, Foster Arnett is suing Knoxville Knox County PBA. I am not a fan of either one, but it seems odd that Arnett has had an office in the old Knox County Courthouse since 2008 and ONLY now that the Knoxville/Knox County PBA replaced the windows does Arnett claim mold, toxic mold exist.

It is interesting that early in this complaint (thanks News Sentinel) it states that Arnett as Knox County Clerk pays rent. Well, that is not true. Knox County citizens through the payment of their mandatory vehicle license renewals, marriage license etc pay the rent.

Arnett ran for and was elected last year for another 4 years as County Clerk. Why did he withhold revelation during that debate that he was having issues with a Knoxville Knox County entity that could result in a lawsuit. Basically us taxpayers suing ourselves. Why would he subject himself to being in an environment that has been deemed as harmful to himself for another 4 years? Could a petition be started to recall Arnett?

“Hello, I am calling from the boulevard.”

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