“This isn’t Nashville, We Don’t Have To Do That Here”

This morning at the 911 Board Meeting, Mayor Madeline Rogero wanted to hear from the Harris Representative, Gary Farmer. Mayor Tim Burchett called on the Chair that the board go into recess to hear from the Representative. Commission Chairman said, “this isn’t Nashville, we don’t have to do that here.”

That is an action they do in the legislature. The Mayor is in his FIFTH year (yes 5 years) as Mayor of Knox County and still clings to his live of the legislature.

During the meeting, Burchett was texting on his phone, looking up at the letters on the wall, being Chatty Cathy with the Chair (who appeared irritated at his side bar discussions with her), talking to Hugh Holt. It is amazing the Mayors staff didn’t try and squash any discussion so they Mayor wouldn’t be perturbed with a meeting.

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