Ashe’s Candidate for Ryan Haynes Seat is not a Resident of Haynes District

A couple of weeks ago, weekly columnist Victor Ashe wrote in his column about a possible candidacy of Jason Zachary for the seat represented by State Representative and now TN Republican Chairman Ryan Haynes. Apparently, a little research fails the former Mayor. I mean just a simple KGIS search would reveal that the failed candidate that challenged Conservative Second District Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. last year is not a resident of Haynes district but a resident of State Representative Roger Kane.

Additionally, during the campaign the failed Duncan challenger continued to state that he was seeking the position because God had called him to seek and serve. I can not imagine that the failed Duncan challenger would jump into another district to seek the first possible open position. The God I serve has not been one that changes his mind in a few months time.

The only candidate who’s name appears to be the consensus leader is Insurance Executive Lou Moran, III Moran does in fact resides in the district .

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