Center City Conservatives Republican Club to Hear About Government Construction and No Bid Contracts

Tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m. the Center City Conservatives  Republican Club will meet at Shoney’s on 4410 Western Avenue near the I-640 interchange. Guests and Members that dine meet about 6 p.m., tomorrow’s speaker will be Mr. Sandy Loy, President and CEO of Construction Plus, Inc.

Construction Plus has been a longtime advertiser here on BrianHornback.Com, with all the discussion of a NEW Hardin Valley Middle School, a NEW North Central Elementary School and the School Board asking County Mayor and Commission for a Gibbs Middle School. There is only enough money in the schools proposed capital plan for two schools. However, Mr. Loy’s company built two complete high schools in Claiborne County at a cost less than one Hardin Valley Academy.

Also, Mr. Loy has spent a considerable amount of time researching and editorializing on the Public Building Authority statute and the use of no bid contracts.  Mr. Loy will make an informative presentation tomorrow night. Come hear about how Knox County can do better.

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