Another Drowning in South Knox! When Will the City Stop It

The City of Knoxville proclaims the great Quarry Lake in South Knoxville as part of their urban wilderness. But today amother body went down into the quarry and has apparently died. This only 11 days after a homeless man jumped of the high rocks and drown.

If the City of Knoxville had a swimming pool that had at multiple drowning deaths, how long before they closed it? Knox County closed Concord Pool after a young student/child drown there with lifeguards. The Concord Pool site is now a dog park. Is South Knox the destination for those who want to take one last plunge and when will city officials do something about it? Or will they continue to use the resources of the Volunteer Rescue Squad to recover the bodies while Mayor Rogero continues to contribute less dollars to the Rescue Squad.

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Cohen says:

    I agree that the Rescue Squad deserves adequate support and does an important job. But closing a pool…a small, easily controlled facility and closing a lake surrounded by hundreds of acres and accessible from all sort of places…is not the same thing.

    It’s said that there has been what appears like one accidental death and one apparently suicide there. It is truly one of the most beautiful spots in the city….and just two or three minutes from downtown.

    Hope the problems stop soon.

  2. BHornback says:

    That is two deaths in two weeks. How many deaths have occurred there in total? How many more deaths have occurred since the city began promoting it as part of the urban wilderness? So, two lives and hundreds of thousands of resources doesn’t compel you? How many lives cut short until the city begins paying attention?

  3. Brian Paone says:

    Oh, geez, Cohen, how many lives are worth your precious little urban oasis?