Commission Chairman Anders Potential Opponent Files Treasurer Appointment Today

Last Thursday evening 4/23/2015, I received a card with a political disclosure that upon checking the KnoxVotes website and on Friday with the Knox County Election Commission that this was not properly appointed and filed with the Knox County Election Commission. After filing this story last week, the one potential candidate surprisingly got a Treasurer Appointment filed at 9:27 a.m. today 4/27/2015.

The appointment form is dated 4/19/2015. It was witnessed by two individuals that have been employed and compensated as campaign workers in the past. It should be noted that the law states, it is only acceptable to seek, receive and incur goods and services after the Election Commission has received a Treasurer appointment. Any campaign consultation, inquiries to broadcast entities about cost of media buys before having a treasurer is illegal.

This from a candidate that can NOT plead ignorance of the law as he was a candidate in 2014 for another position and as pointed out from the federal election commission was notified of his apparent non compliance then.

While this potential candidate has buddied up with Commissioner Jeff Ownby, a Former Knox County Republican Party Chair and campaign consultants connected through family and friends relationship apparently has been stretched so thin in setting up a video camera on location in what appears to be his home (Source: Facebook) that it has caused him to ignore election laws pertaining to the election of this position. It appears he needs more time and better consultation before seeking elected office. In our opinion, your property taxes and representation isn’t best served by someone from the amateur hour, but that will be up to the voters of the district and only that district.

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