Michael Paseur Discovers He is a Dad Again or Did the Shopper News Libel Him?

The Former Knoxville Mayor that holds the honor of being the Mayor found by a court of jurisdiction to having had violated the civil rights of Knoxville Fire Department employees, has gotten his newer employer The Shopper News in deep dodo. The Shopper News is the news wrapper for the mid week sales circulars thrown in your yard, driveway or littered wherever they are tossed.

You see in the column written by the former Mayor and supervised by one Sandra Clark, the writer in reporting about a pension board meeting. In the report he identifies board member Michael Paseur and reports that Paseur was absent due to an illness by his daughter. You see Paseur was shocked to learn that he has daughter. Paseur posted on his Facebook and linked the column. In his posted statement, he wrote in part, “If I didn’t know better, I’d think the author didn’t check his facts. What’s more important is that the author would have known how I would have voted if he had read the prior month’s minutes…”  Well, it seems that Journal Media Group’s Patrick Birmingham may want to discuss with Clark, the former Mayor and then with Paseur to correct this blatant lie.

As a suggestion, they may want to get the writer’s sources affidavit to demonstrate that the author had every reason to believe his information was accurate. If they will contact me, I could share 1 of 4 examples of affidavits that may be useful for them. If that isn’t a possibility, maybe a discussion for a payment to Paseur to correct the libel. I have an Attorney recommendation for you, Michael. Should you need it.


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