Hugh Nystrom is in it for the Fourth District County Commission Seat

On April 20, 2015 Hugh Nystrom appointed Robert Coakley as the Treasurer for a 2016 campaign to become the County Commissioner of Fourth District. Nystrom is Executive Director of Childhelp.

From the Childhelp website,

Since 1995, the fully accredited Childhelp Children’s Center of East Tennessee has served victims of child abuse and neglect through advocacy, treatment and investigation services. 

There were more than 9,000 substantiated cases of child abuse in Tennessee in 2011, illustrating an indisputable need for the advocacy center. The center supports all services to treat and investigate abuse under one roof: medical personnel, law enforcement, child protection investigators and mental health professionals. The professionals all complete their related jobs within the center, reducing secondary trauma to the child and producing reliable evidence to support cases against perpetrators.

The program statistics for Fiscal Year 2013 were 1,296 Children Served (Under Age 18); 60 Receiving Onsite Medical Exam/Treatment; 27 Receiving Counseling Therapy and 674 Recieving Forensic Interviews. 

It is refreshing and encouraging to see an Executive level businessman, a community activist combined with a happily married couple in Hugh and Angelia Nystrom beginning the hard work to give the district representation the district deserves. A Commissioner that will not be laughed at, mocked and joked about behind his back. A Commissioner that is NOT constantly ridiculed throughout Knox County for his May 11, 2013 guilty plea following  his May 24, 2012 anonymous ‘hook up’ in a public park that was observed by law enforcement officers. Ownby and his companion were both arrested and detained in the Knox County Sheriffs Office Detention Facility.

It should be disclosed hat I have not met Mr. Nystrom at the posting of this story.  However, I have many friends that know him, speak highly of him. They are voters in and of the fourth district. I can not vote for Mr. Nystrom because I do not own property or live in the fourth. But, this blog has a lot of readers in the fourth and the 2012 public embarrassment should come to an end. In May of 2012, I agreed with the comments of current Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond, who at the time was an At-Large County Commissioner (meaning he was elected countywide and represented the entire county on the Commission) when he was quoted in other media saying, “Obviously, if these charges are true, and he deserves his day in court, Mr, Ownby needs to resign.” Ownby did not resign. So, in 2016 it will be up to the district to do what Ownby couldn’t bring himself to do.

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2 Responses

  1. Steve W. says:

    While I personally do not know Mr. Nystrom, I look forward to meeting him and learning more about him. I will certainly support him in his efforts to unseat Mr. Ownby. My views about Mr. Ownby are well known to my friends and while I care not one twit with whom one “sleeps,” the arrogance of running for reelection after violating the public trust in such a lewd and lascivious manner is beyond the pale. A sitting Commisioner, in a public park, in his employer ‘s vehicle not only calls into question his judgement (or lack thereof,) but also hampers his overall credibility. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    This comment is no comment at all on sexual orientation, for as mentioned above, I do not care with whom another person “sleeps,” but for the love of all that’s holy, keep it off the picnic table. Motel 6 leaves the light on “for you!”

  2. BHornback says:

    Steve W., I too agree with you about that whether it is a heterosexual or an alternative lifestyle makes no difference to me. Goodness knows that affairs happen over time. However, I do not view this incident as an affair. This is in my opinion is 100 times worse.

    It was an anonymous ‘hook up’ doesn’t matter if it is a lady or a man, in making a decision to give and receive sexual release without knowing the partner and if the partner is clean, goes to a lack of being able to make sound, logical decisions. He wants you and others in the fourth to now trust him in spending your tax dollars? All of this during the day, on a picnic table, where parents bring their children for outings and where citizens have and likely have enjoyed a picnic lunch since May 24, 2012 is horrendous. I hope the city sent out the grounds crew to disinfect and pressure wash that table.

    I assume Sharps Ridge is like most public parks, closed from dusk to dawn.