2015 Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner

This evening the Knox County Republican Party held theit Annual Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner. It was held at Rothchilds Catering and Confernce Center. Mr. Nathan and Susan Rothchild delivered an exceptional meal with an elegant setting as always.

Former Governor of Missippi Haley Barbour was the Speaker. Over 400 attended. With only a city election in 2015, Mayoral Candidate Buck Cochram and City Judge John Rosson wwee in attendance.

In what appeared to be a coordinated effort, Jeff Ownby, John D King and Jim Weaver were campaigning as a team, the j3 team, if you will.

The candidates in their races were present as well,

Knoxville businessman, community activist, happily married husband of one wife and father Hugh Nystrom, candidate for the Fourth District County Commission seat.

Commission Chairman, happily married husband of one wife and Father to Addy, Brad Andears.

Former Property Assessor, happily married husband of one wife, father of three and grandfather John Whitehead.

Thesee three individuals were not jumping up and down for attention like the other three recognizing the election is more than 10months away.


Ownby is challenging Hugh Nystrom, King who last year garnered less than 8,000 votes against Senator Lamar Alexander and Weaver attempting to best John Whitehead, Andrew Graybeal, Barry Hawkins and others.

Weaver’s boss Phil Bsllars’s cell phone interrupted with some weird ring tone during Barbours talk. The picture below is Ballard checking his phone. Ballard along with Property Assessor and fellow Black Wednesday Commissioner Craig Leuthold were wearing Weaver stickers.


TN Republican Party Chairman and my State Representative was present and made a brief but significant talk about unifying against the Obama liberal policies and building the party with a younger generation. Which a significant portion of the attendees were younger folk.



It it was great to see State Representative Jimmy Matlock, Chairman of the TN House Transportation Committee present. Matlock represents Loudon and Monroe Counties. He operates a successful family business in Farragut, Lenoir City, Maryville and Athens, Matlock Tire Service.

Knox County Trustee Ed Shouse did a great job Co-Chairing this years Lincoln Day Dinner.

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Good Morning Knox County…. I have five words of question thoughts to each and every one of you?


    As the phone rings and someones ass puckers, the thoughts that the eyes of the G-MEN are looking upon you, tends to make that elaborately serving of food head south to the border. I bet it felt slicker than cat shit on a linoleum floor. I actually attended the festivities last night and observed the whispers lies and deceit of the Knox County GOP and its normal BS from the candidates.

    Really Butter Man, you honestly think that Weaver is going to be able to make it thru the investigation and not be tied to your shenanigans dated back to your first run for the office you hold now? Knowing all too well of whats really went on behind the scenes and what you feel has been sent to the shredder, this will not keep you safe. All the honest and dishonest money in the world can’t help you now. Anyone who has held this office to the illustrious Ronnie Milsap can see where this path of destruction is leading. Do us a favor and pull your clone out, let him enjoy his State of Tennessee retirement and be able to lead a retirement life as a free man. Or just keep at it and watch everyone scatter. This election is going to be the only one that I watch, as I want to see how the G-MEN and the candidates react to the effects of whats been under the eyes of a higher power for several years.

    Craig have you no shame to this or are you too, bought and paid for as I hear tell of it the clock hasn’t been wound in months. Are you there hidden in the mold cave breathing in the “fartiful” air of the effects of your bosses excretions? I look at all of you and see the effects thats have aged each of you, some resorting to alcoholism, others to narcotics, it has really taken its toll on your face. Mother nature has a way of marching across your face, but the devil makes the creases resemble the pleats on a lampshade skirt.

    I’ve been pretty quiet as I silently watch all thats happening around, and see where this is headed. There are others that are scouting for another one to add to this political saga, but to support a looser is not what these folks have in mind. A looser will only make your assessment worse, that resorts in a hole in the pocket book of a developer.

    As Johnny Cash sang, “I got it one piece at a time and it didn’t cost me a dime.” Keep that song on your heart, I promise you will be a better person, or at least feel better about yourself.