Phil Keith is Thinking It Over

Victor Ashe, former Knoxville Mayor and close friend to former Knoxville Police Chief Phil Keith mentions the  possible candidacy of Keith challenging Mayor Madeline Rogero later this year.  In the Former Mayor’s column is this little report.

Former Police Chief Phil Keith says he is “flattered at the number of persons” suggesting he run for mayor. “ I will think it over,” he says. Qualifying deadline for mayor, city judge and city council is noon Thursday, June 18.

This website is the only entity (to date) to mention (due to our sources) that Keith has been approached and encouraged to become a Mayoral candidate. Keith the Chief that kept close reigns on the former Knoxville Mayor was a logical opponent as Ashe has been a constant pesky antagonist of the current Mayor. Odds are Keith’s popularity is about as dried up as the former Mayor that Keith worked so closely to protect.

Time will tell.

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