The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

This morning, I finished  the book The Art of Work A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant To Do by Jeff Goins.

This book took longer than normal for me to read because I intentionally took my time. The book and my current life experiences merged onto the same road. The book starts out with details about discovering your life purpose and passion. That became real to me. (as regular readers of BrianHornback.Com know my mom entered the gates of Heaven on January 9, 2015) While reading this book, my dad brought me a couple of scrapbooks that mom had assembled over the years. The books were filled with every news article and mention of me in the order they appeared. Additionally, I discovered a couple of church newsletters that I authored back in 1986. This book along with the scrapbooks, revealed and I guess confirmed that this 11 year old hobby website is my purpose and passion.

Goins discusses a portfolio life, a combination of several  aspects that create your life. That is obvious in that I have my career, this hobby as a purpose and passion, my family all creating a diverse rounded portfolio.

When you Pivot

What do you do when it is time to pivot (like in basketball) when you stop (intentionally or not) you must pivot (change directions)? This website began as a pivot for me on 8/9/2004, it began as my way to continue having an impact in my community, I now possess a renewed spirit in continuing to provide this forum for the thousands of readers everyday.

The end of Goins book discusses how Earnest Hemingway, Albert Einstein’s lives ended,  I don’t want to second guess, doubt and not realize the impact of my life now or when it is over.  The Stephen King quote  “Life is not a support system for your work, your work is a support system for your life.” that Goins reveals in the book will become a reminder to keep building my portfolio life.

I encourage you to purchase this book, spend time with it. It will be a constantly close to my desk for my ability to access some of the tips for improving my life.

Goins website is here and for those of you on Twitter, follow him here.



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