R. Larry’s Election Day Antics and Attack

On Saturday I posted this report concerning the actions of one Seventh District Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith. Today, I received the detailed description from the victim. This young man is a Junior at Halls High School, he previously served as a campaign aide for Commissioner Michelle Carringer. This young man is the one that Smith was most angry at on election day. However, this young man had a friend who Smith said “if you’re dad knew you were here” The confrontation lasted for over ten minutes, this young man felt threatened.

The young man arrived later in the afternoon to campaign for Steve Rogers and Smith came quickly over to him and no other campaign workers. This young man has knowledge of Smith’s past and the individuals from Smith’s past. Smith realized that this young man is a hard worker and would take votes away from Smith, this is why Smith retaliated against a Junior in High School.

Smith repeatedly told this young man that if he ever wanted a career in politics that he needed to be on the right side. Smith then began to bash Commissioner Carringer. Smith continued to attempt to break this young man down, but the young man held his ground and made good remarks back to Smith comments. After Smith finished with his everlasting rant this young man continued to campaign for Mr. Rogers. Smith continued to fume. No one spoke up for this young man and no one confronted Smith for his bully tactics. I only wish I had been there.

This young man said that Smith acted like a bully trying to intimidate him to leave, but the young man did not leave. Smith got right into this Junior in high schools face and said “if you don’t support me, you will never be able to run for office.”

This young man has been active, he has eaten lunch with Smith and his current wife and Commissioner Carringer. This young man assisted Commissioner Smith and Carringer with County Commission stuff. These lunches were sunshined and television cameras were present. Of course all of this was before Commissioner Carringer decided to run for the seat. Smith asked this young man to be on his campaign staff and this young man said NO! This young man served as a campaign aide to Commissioner Carringer in her election efforts.

It is sad that a Junior in high school is more mature and professional than a 55 year old County Commissioner that has a history of angry fits of losing his temper, in private and public. Here is another example that was witnessed on this past October 19. The great news is that this young man is Knox County’s future and Smith is term-limited and his time is drawing nigh.

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