The Politics of the County Commission

A few weeks ago the County Commission faced an appointment for Knox County Law Director. Ray Jenkins and a few behind the scene Republicans were backing Blount County native David Buuck. The county commission selected Joe Jarrett, rightly so. Wright and Robert Lawrence Smith cast the only votes for Buuck and rejected Jarrett.

So, now that same group are pushing Mike Hammond for Commission Chair and David Wright for Commission Vice Chair. Wright and Hammond have hosted several events for County Mayor Elect Tim Burchett, Trustee Elect John Duncan, County Commissioner At Large Elect Ed Shouse. The perception from sources close to these persons is that all of these events have been an effort to solidify their efforts to gain a foothold on commission. Several of these county official elects have been seen lunching with two of the individuals that are part of the regime. One of the individuals is publisher of a weekly newspaper.

Also, Wright has gone to the public forum lectern before and told his colleagues “to put their big boy pants on” I am sure Amy Broyles appreciated that male chauvinist comment. In addition, Wright has a habit of trying to stall Commission action, by saying things like “let me get my head straight on this” as he tried to postpone the appointment of Jarrett.

It is expected that Hammond will officially move to his South Knox home that he purchased in 2005. So, West Knox County will be at a loss with Hammond and Wright as Chairman and Vice-Chairman. If Hammond is Chairman, the Commission would best be served with Brad Anders as Vice-Chairman. Anders is a Commissioner with a six year term, who is reasoned and reasonable in his approach to issues. He will not embarrass his colleagues with locker room talk and stall tactics

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