Hubert Smith Radio Show Today

Today from 10-Noon on FM 90.3 the Hubert Smith Radio Show had one term Former State Representative Julia Hurley. A couple of things that caused a couple of chuckles.

First, Hubert asked her about any political experience. She began to list out campaigns that she had “worked” in and she said that she worked in George Bush, Jr’s campaign. Had she actually worked in his campaign, she would know that George W is not a Jr. His father is George Herbert Walker Bush and his son is George Walker Bush.

Second, she said the Great Depression ended 70 years ago. As the show went to a song her microphone was still open and she said, well my math is obviously not very good. Then her microphone went silent. When they came back she did not correct her obviously not very good math.

Lastly, as they were wrapping up the show. Hubert asked what she would be doing now. She said that she was working for TN Strategies a consulting firm of Mike Ragsdale and Mike Arms, Hubert asked you mean the former Knox County Mayor and former Chief of Staff. She said yes. A caller called in and asked what Mike Ragsdale was up to. She said it is a consulting firm and that they have 12 firms between each other and she is happy to have added a 13th client. HR Comp a female run company. She directed the caller to the TN Strategies website.

Shock And Awe had previously reported that she was with TN Strategies. I was unable to confirm it and removed it promptly from the blog. Obviously she went on record and disclosed it.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    TN Strategies must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who would hire her as a lobbyist?

  3. According to her a company called HR Comp. she said that it is the 13th company brought into TN Strategies.

    I would think that Ragsdale & Arms would be wise to force her into an as needed 1099 employee

  4. Anonymous says:

    Referring to George Bush (41) and George Bush (43) as “Senior” and “Junior” may not be technically correct but it is actually a fairly innocuous thing to do and it does not really reflect on her in any way, positively or negatively. It is just a short form of reference such as referring to Lyndon B. Johnson as LBJ.