But God Changes Everything by Herbert Cooper

Recently, as I have written about books, it is because as a BookLook Blogger, I have requested and received the book. I have read it and then wrote about it. Herbert Cooper’s book But God Changes Everything is different. When it was released, I went to Lifeway store in Turkey Creek in Knoxville, TN and bought a copy.

Cooper details his and his wife Tiffany’s life. It is in those But God moments that they have experienced growth and victory over the darkness. We all have been tempted, faced struggles and wondered what will we do. Do we just accept it or do we stop and say But God. This book meant alot to me, there were times when I knew the enemy (Statan) wanted me to stop reading it. Cooper gives practical advice for turning away. Here is the Lifeway link to purchase the book.

Most of all check out Herbert Cooper, here. The People’s Church (Herbert and Tiffany’s churches website is located here.

Herbert, Tiffany and the kids are pictured below.


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