Mayor Haslam’s Red Light Cameras are Revenue Generators

On May 15, 2010, we blogged about (here) the Knoxville red light cameras that Mayor Haslam recommended to City Council and City Council approved. We initially reported that revenue estimates were $1.0 million a month for $12 million annually. We were asked to correct the post to $1.0 million annually.

So, then today’s News-Sentinel article (here) states that since Lasercraft took over last year from Redflex Traffic Systems there are 8,000 unpaid tickets to the tune of $944,000.00 This is just the unpaid ones which is likely 10-25% of all tickets issued. So, the paid tickets would (conservatively) likely triple that dollar amount. So, will a possible Governor Haslam impose red light cameras on all state highways? As a revenue grabbing measure.

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