Pilot Only Leased The Space for the Casino’s? Probably NOT!

As we posted here yesterday an anonymous commenter identifying themselves as a Haslam operative stated that Pilot leases space to vendor’s that place slot machines. One of our Brian’s Blog team members has been working on this issue. That team member submitted to me late yesterday afternoon two government documents from the Louisiana Gaming Board.

The first document is a 5 page Louisiana Gaming Board Meeting Notice from March 19, 2002. Look on page 2, Pilot Corporation Tennessee d/b/a Pilot Travel Center #199 – No. 080451285 Seeking a Video Poker Application.

The second document is a 4 page Louisiana Gaming Board Minutes from November 18, 2003 on page 2 you will read where the board acted on two applications. 1 for Pilot Corporation Tennessee d/b/a Pilot Travel Center #199 and 2 for Pilot Corporation Tennessee d/b/a Pilot Travel Center #274.

So, again I will repeat, Bill Haslam should become open and transparent and reveal his income for the good of the citizens. There are now Pilot Casinos in Nevada and Louisiana, so the voters of Tennessee will know how much income is from profits of the gaming centers.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This won't really affect Haslam all that much. The people who would get upset over Pilot making money off video poker and slot machines (which are legal in NV and LA, by the way), or lottery tickets, beer sales, and dirty magazine sales (again, which are legal) are the same people who probably thought that Haslam wasn't far enough to the right to begin with.

    The Methodist, Lutheran, Jewish, Catholic, agnostic, Unitarian, etc. voters will shrug their shoulders and say, “so what?” These voters may still find a reason not to vote for Haslam, but this won't be it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    On a local level, I suggest that someone look into the various Holrob companies (largely-owned by the Haslam's). At least one of those companies leased space to Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion provider, for several years. In addition, some that actually had the Haslam name in the company name, legally changed their names just before Bill announced his candidacy. I wonder what those companies were engaged in that Bill's candidacy couldn't stomach.