Why Don’t You Like Bill Haslam?

Brad Hill posted on Facebook an excellent explanation for why a Knoxvillian would support Congressman Zach Wamp for Governor instead of Bill Haslam. I asked Brad if I could publish it here on Brian’s Blog and he granted permission. So, here are Brad’s thoughts , which could be any Zach Attack Fanatic. I had a great conversation with a friend yesterday and he asked me a unexpected question: “Why don’t you like Bill Haslam?”

My answer was quick and simple: “I do like Mayor Bill. He’s the most productive Mayor that Knoxville has ever had and I hope we can keep him here to finish the job he was elected to do AND make sure that the next Mayor carries on the work yet to be finished (S.Knox waterfront, Cumberland Ave, Central, Magnolia plans + giving the Old City a big boost… not to mention helping Mayor Burchett get off to a great start with Knox County.)

Hey, if liking someone were a top priority for elected office, then we should draft Bruce Pearl. My choice for Gov is inspired and motivated by proven results for a large swath of Tennessee and even friendly neighboring states. Ask any member of the TN Valley Corridor who has delivered positive economic, technological, and entrepreneurial benefits to our entire region, including many who may create global solutions in Oak Ridge, but live right here in Knox County. Zach Wamp has that proven track record over many years. The larger Haslam family has a proven track-record of helping move our hometown past the status-quo and into a much future, which is exactly where many of us would like to see their considerable financial and spiritual wealth concentrated and invested for these most critical years and decades ahead. Knoxville cannot afford a chance of losing current momentum . As for the right man for Gov, these are tough days in Tennessee and tough budget, special interest, and teacher union fights are ahead. Thus, I’m more concerned about a fighting passion to take on the entrenched status-quo in D.C. and Nashville than I am “civility”. Zach is a fighter for TN and has delivered proven results in economic development as 1 of 535 legislators in our nation’s capitol. What kind of influence will he offer as one of 50 Governors, with a majority of those being fellow Republicans?

Proven results, passion, and a fighting spirit…those are the factors that determined my support for our next Gov, in addition to our needs right here in Knoxville for years to come.

It’s not about who we should like better, it’s all about who will take on all issues with passion and a will to fight for what is right.

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