American Underdog Releases Tuesday June 28, 2016

On Tuesday June 28, 2016 Freshman Congressman David Brat’s book American Underdog publishes. You can purchase the book at all book retailers and online sellers. Brat represents the Seventh Congressional District of Virginia. Brat defeated the Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014.

The book details his win, his preparation and his vision for a better America. An America that understands where it has been, where it is headed and where it needs to reel itself back in and or correct it’s path.

In Chapter Six Brat discusses the nature of political aspirants these days. “Careless attention seekers talk as if only the next election or financial quarter matter. But thoughtful people know that the real issues facing our republic span centuries and deserve careful reflection, ruminations engaged in fear of government censors or politically correct bullies.”

“.many politicians, as the saying goes, will say anything to get elected. Say something outrageous – the more irrational the better, it often seems – and far from being batted down by a modern-day Socrates, you may well be rewarded with extra media attention: TV apperance, Facebook likes, tweets.”

“Glance through some political comment threads on Facebook or Twitter these days, and you have to wonder if anyone cares about keeping politics tethered to sanity. Sentiment can as easily turn to anger and zealotry as to gentleness and compassion. When morals become nothing more than feelings, the eventual result is the belief in nothing more than those feelings: nihilism.”


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