The Tennessean Gives Haslam a Christmas Eve Reality Punch to the Gut

The Tennessean on Christmas Eve did (link) what Jack McElroy and Crew do not have the intestinal fortitude to do and that is to highlight Bill Haslam’s inability to be open and transparent with the Republican voters of the State of Tennessee. Here are some highlights of their editorial.

“Relatives who join in business should expect some level of scrutiny when one of their own announces for public office, especially if the candidate is building his or her reputation on business success.”

“Political campaigns, especially at the state and national level have become incredibly expensive. The candidates who can afford to lend money to their own campaigns have an edge that voters should know about.”

“Voters deserve to know as much as they can about candidates so they can make informed choices. Clearly the way a candidate runs a business or whether they paid their taxes in full and on time sheds light to their credibility.”

“Voters certainly have come to expect candidates to divulge as much as possible about contributions to their campaign. It is equally important to know how the candidates handle their own businesses and careers.”

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