Matlock and Harwell Vote was Closer than Some Expected, Harwell Prevails!

State Rep. Jimmy Matlock offered the TN Republican Caucus an alternative to State Rep. Beth Harwell as Speaker of the House and today in a meeting of the Caucus 40 of the members present voted for Harwell and 30 voted for Matlock. In October, I was present with both Harwell and Matlock at a lunch fundraiser for State Rep. Kent Calfee and they both exemplified how a contest is supposed to occur between two candidates although rarely does occur.

Speaker Pro tempoer State Rep. Curtis Johnson was selected to serve again over State Rep. John Ragan, State Rep. David Alexander

House Majority Leader, State Rep. Glen Casada returns to the position after a challenge by State Rep. Mike Carter of Ooltewah. I know of Carter through previous political races (not his) and friends and am pleased that he was rejected.

House Republican Caucus Chairman State Rep. Ryan Williams over State Rep. Kevin Brooks. Brooks presented a broadband bill last year that would have addressed only a portion of his district. Falsely people believed that it was a state wide bill and was used against several legislators in this years election. So for that reason, I like Williams.

House Republican Caucus Vice Chairman State Rep. Dennis Powers was unopposed.

Assistant Republican Leader, I am pleased that State Rep. David Hawk was selected over last years Assistant Leader State Rep. Matthew Hill.

Republican Whip State Rep. Timothy Hill was unopposed.

Republican Floor Leader Micah Van Huss was unopposed.

Secretary State Rep. Dawn White was unopposed.


Assistant Floor Leader was between State Rep. John Crawford and State Rep. Ron Gant

Fiscal Review has 6 available positions and 6 were candidates, State Rep. Susan Lynn, State Rep. Pat Marsh, State Rep. Bill Sanderson, State Rep. Ron Travis, State Rep. Mark White and State Rep. Tim Wirgau.

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