Happy New Year, 2017

2016 is in the past and now 2017, first up is the start of the TN Legislature for another two year session. It starts January 10, I believe. Then the local Republican and Democrat parties must reorganize. I’ve written about the Republican reorg here on Friday. The Democrats may not have much to choose from, I thought James Brandon Hamilton would make a good Chairman. But between work and his South Knox Community activities he is really too busy.

After that we will have a lot of political announcements of people running for county office in 2018. It will really accelerate after May. The 2018 primary is in May, so the magnification will become intense. June through August 2017 will be 5 City Council district primary campaigns ending with a primary election in late August. The general election will be in November 2018.

City of Knoxville seats and Potential Candidates as of today.

 First District (Currently held by Nick Pavlis, who is term limited) Josh Ward who had considered running for County Commission in 2016.

Second District (Currently held by Duane Grieve who is term limited) Pond Gap activist David Williams a community activist in Pond Gap, Tim Hill a partner in Hatcher-Hill development and potentially Knoxville Attorney Andrew Roberto, although when I talked to Roberto in November, he wasn’t thinking about it. But his name stays alive.

 Third District (Currently held by Brenda Palmer who is term limited) Knoxville Attorney and Former State Representative candidate James Corcoran. 

Fourth District (Currently held by Nick Della Volpe who is term limited) Former State Representative Harry Tindell and an Old North Knox resident Lauren Rider.

Sixth District (Currently held by Daniel T. Brown who is term limited) Former First District Knox County Commission candidate Michael Covington. 


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