Town of Farragut 2009 4th of July Parade, Our View.

A good time was had by all. We were sitting near the intersection of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike, sitting on the South side of Kingston Pike.

First, Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones and his department, motorcycles, DARE cars and helicopters. Sheriff Jones gave out cool footballs.

The boy scouts with our flag.

Then our Farragut High School Marching Admirals Band. They were AWESOME as always.

Then our Farragut High School NJ ROTC with color guard as well.

Even an appearance by my hero, Ernest T. Bass. There were other characters from the Andy Griffith Show. But, they don’t really matter when you’re an Ernest T. Bass fan. I said “Hey, Ernest T.” and he said “It’s me, It’s me. It’s Ernest T.”

Then it was the lazy frog radio station.

Then the Q Generation radio station. It’s all country music without the talk, talk and more talking.

This church float caught my attention. It said “The Cross is our Statue of Liberty.”

And then finally Commissioner Mike Hammond was walking with Mickey Mouse. Poor Mickey Mouse didn’t realize who he was walking with. Without being degrading to Mickey Mouse, Hammond’s actions while on Commission can be summed as a cartoonish. How appropriate! We have since talked with Mickey Mouse and told him that he has brought damage to his image and he said that he will NOT be hanging around that Commissioner anymore. After all, Mickey Mouse told us that he discovered that the Commissioner has been hanging around with frogs and has warts and all.

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