Even a Visually Challenged Person Could See This

Monday evening the Knox County Commission met and one item was to approve Property Assessor John Whitehead’s list of citizens for the Board of Equalization. The board meets the month of June and is rarely controversial.

One name on the list stuck out to Ed Brantley and John Schoonmaker was the name of Knoxville area Realtor Gina Oster. Although, Oster served on the panel last Summer and was appointed by Commission last April. Brantley and Schoonmaker wanted to postpone her appointment for 30 days. The appointed Board is required to attend training on May 18, so unless Commission approves Oster at the special meeting on May 7 when they meet on the budget. Then Oster is out.

Why would Brantley and Schoonmaker do this? Well Oster also serves on Knox County Sheriff’s Office Merit System Council and the Knox County Ethics Committee, all volunteer positions.

Recently, Oster in serving on the Ethics Committee dared to ask questions of Commissioner Bob Thomas and Charlie Busler  and made a comment about it looking fishy. Brantley and Thomas are best pals, they do Commissioner Meet and Greet together every month for three years. They were on radio together for years at WIVK. Before doing a morning talk show on WNOX called the Ed and Bob show before being elected to the two at large seats on county Commission.

BrianHornback.Com reported first last fall that Brantley had sold his farm in Hardin Valley and another media reported it after I did. According to sources there are records in an adjourning county that Brantley has bought land on a lake.

Back to the Board of Equalization appointment, since Commission failed to act in a timely manner, I suspect, the Mayor can appoint whomever he desires.

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  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    If Ed Brantley does not live in Knox County, how can he now be on County Commission? This is the person who will be the Chief of Staff for Mayor Bob Thomas?